Sunday, April 7, 2013

what's in my locker?

Hello folk, long time no see. am so freakin' busy and i'm sorry if am not blogging as much as i should but i promise i'll try to blog more often.
Lately i've been staying for almost 13 hours at work every day -which is not cool at all- so i have to keep necessities in my locker to keep me going during long work days ,so here are some of the stuff that i always keep in my locker
1- Deodorant: I usually take a shower before i leave my house but its good to be fresh & clean during the day
2- Thread and needle: because I don't like surprises
3- Energy bar: I prefer Snickers
4- Tea: I always keep a box or two of my favorite teas in my locker 
5- Phone charger: God! Blackberry battery dies so fast!
6- Clean&Clear facial wipes: cause they are refreshing and don't break me out
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