Monday, May 27, 2013

I heart packing #3 (What's in my toiletry bag?)

Basically, that's what i use every day and night as my skincare routine

Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser 

Johnson's gentle exfoliant

Bioderma makeup remover

 Cotton pads, tooth brush, tooth paste, and my deodorant. 

And that was the last post in my "I Heart Packing" series :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

I heart packing #2 (What's in my makeup bag?)

Hello friends, this is my second post in my packing series and it is what's in my makeup bag. As I said before i'm going away for only 4 days so i don't need too much makeup, so here are the makeup that i'm taking with me

Garnier BB cream
Garnier Roll-on concealer
Bourjois volume clubbing mascara
Oriflame black kohl
Oriflame "studio Artist" concealer 

Labello lip balm
Jordana blush "classic bronze"
Rimmel "Stay matte" powder

 and I'm not taking any eyeshadows, and only 2 brushes one for blush and one for powder,

and of course my favorite body mist from The Body Shop

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I heart packing #1 (What's in my carry on bag?)

Hey everyone, this is my first post in my packing series and it is whats in my bag, i'm trying to keep it light as much as i can, so here's what am taking with me...

Camera & phone charger
Gum: because we all love gum :)
Snack: am taking Twix
Book: "Why Men Marry Bitches" this book is brilliant, am going to write a post about it soon.

Phone: for music and internet browsing 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heba rambles: on Instagram and packing

Hello dears, how are you doing today?
finally I joined Instagram... yeah, am the last one on earth to be joining Instagram, so you can put your account link or username in the comments or on my facebook page or tweet it to me because I'd love to see what you guys are up to :)

Anyway, my family and I decided that we need vacation ..we're planning for that vacation for months and finally we're going on vacation!
I know a lot of people don't like packing but its my favorite part ..weird? so I decided that am going to do blog series on what am taking with me in my short vacation (it will be 5 days) so stay tuned :)
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