Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tea Remedies

I'm a big believer that tea can fix anything (well, almost anything). And when I came across this article I knew that I'm not the only one who believes so! 

Monday, January 8, 2018

4 Movies We Bet You Haven't Watched Yet! (Or At Least 1 Of Them)

Since it's freezing outside, and in order not to spend more money in outings -one of my new year's resolutions is to try to save money- so here’s my plan for the upcoming weekend..
Snuggle up with a blanket, make some hot chocolate, prepare a nice snack, and of course we'll need a movie to enjoy! We made a list of movies to pick from and here're our suggestions..

      A single man Tom Ford’s masterpiece. The story of a sophisticated, in-the-closet gay professor and how he deals with life after losing his partner. 
      Perfect strangers this one will blow your mind, it will make you question every single person in your life even the close ones! Oh my, specially the close ones..

Kinky boots for all the shoe lovers out there, you’ll definitely appreciate kinky boots! it tells a story of two different men, and how fate brought them together and how they had a huge impact on one another’s lives. Aside from Chiwetel Ejiofor’s brilliant performance, you will get to add new music to your playlist thanks to the great soundtracks!

       Amadeus it tells the story of Mozart but from a different, yet interesting point of view, classic music lovers, this one is for you, indeed!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

{Food} Banana Boats

Lately, I've been in a health kick and looking for new healthy snack recipes to try out.
Few days ago, I stumbled across this recipe, and I fell in love!

Here's how to make it.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

How To Get Out Of An "I Suck" Rut

What is the "I Suck" rut?
 in my opinion, I think it varies from one person to another. It could be going through a breakup, losing a job.. basically, it could be anything that can cause lack of self-confidence.

I've been through all of the above .. and I know that not everyone can handle this very well, going through that period isn't easy.. Few days ago Lena Dunham shared a photo of how to get out of an "I Suck" rut and I thought it's brilliant to follow if we're going through a hard time to help us move on with our lives.

Monday, July 31, 2017

{Girl Crush} Ashley Graham

There's nothing sexier than a confident woman who knows how to rock.. AKA Ashley Graham.

أشلي جرام ياخوانا والله! الحلوة بزياده..

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

{Cook With Me} Biba's Brunch Sandwich

The weekend is coming which means sleeping til 12 pm, spending quality time with the family, and of course having a delicious brunch.
Today I'm sharing with you my signature brunch sandwich .. let's call it Biba's sandwich! :D
it takes 15 minutes to make and it's yummy!

all you need is:
2 pieces of toast (white or whole grain, whatever you like)
2 eggs
cheese (any kind you prefer)
meat (turkey, beef, whatever you like)
salt & black pepper

Melt 1/3 of the butter cube in a pan on a medium heat.

when the butter starts to turn golden, add the toast to the pan, leave the toast for a couple of minutes until it gets golden and nice like the picture below, then flip the toast to the other side.

put your toast aside, and crack the eggs in a bowl.
beat the eggs until it's nice and fluffy 
add 1/3 of the butter to the pan to make scrambled eggs.

sprinkle black pepper and salt on the eggs 

Now, the cheese will act as a glue in the sandwich
first, put half the amount of the cheese on one piece of your toast.
add half of the scrambled eggs.
add the meat.
add the rest of the scrambled eggs.

.add the rest of the cheese 
add the second piece of toast.
add the rest of the butter to the pan on a medium heat, again
Now, when the butter is melt and golden .Carefully, put the sandwich back in the pan like the picture below
using a large spoon, press on the sandwich for a minute to allow the cheese to melt and do it's magic.
flip the sandwich to the other side like the picture below

repeat the same thing with the spoon to the other side of your sandwich.
and there you go! you have the most delicious breakfast :)

عارف انت الساندوتش اللي تاكله وتبقى مستمتع لأ وكمان يقفلك لمدة 7 ساعات مثلا؟
أهه الساندوتش ده كده.. جربوه وأدعولي #الساندوتش_القاتل

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